Scarf Shawl Tie Hanger

Scarf Shawl Tie Hanger

Product description Exquisite hanger with 7.2cm extra wide shoulder support and bio PLA hook. Product information Technical Details Advantage Environmentally-friendly materials-Degradable clothes hangers made from agricultural waste can be used to showcase the luxury and understated coexistence...
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Product Details

Product description

Scarf shawl tie hanger




Product information

Technical Details

Product Dimensions16*2.5*25cm
Item Weight
Color 5 basic material color and other refer to Pantone color
Material Type

Agriculture wastes ( Bamboo fiber, straw, coffee husks, nut husks

and chaff)



1. This versatile hook is perfect for displaying your collection of shawls, belts or ties. It can accommodate up to 2 different garments, is small in size, and takes up less space than ordinary hangers.

2. Helps you keep the flatness of your shawl, belt, tie, or other clothing

3. Can only be used as hangers for small clothes, not for hanging large clothes

4. Only used in indoor wardrobe or dry place, not in bathroom or other wet areas.


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