Eco- Raw Materials Home Travel Teapot Tea Tray Set Special Design

Ball vase 2. Flower paper can be spread on the surface for decorative purposes 3. Does not tear, the color stays bright and does not fade. 4. Suitable for multiple scenes and decoration 5. Follow current trends and present patterns and colors. Every creative and decorative wish is good.
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Product Details

Description of Eco- Raw Materials Home Travel Teapot Tea Tray Set special Design



Product Dimensions See picture above
Item No.   BK- 8127/ 8128/ 8129/8124/8125/8126
Color Name   5 basic material color & Pantone color
Material Type

natural material( bamboo powder, straw, chaff, coffee husks 

and Nuts Husks


Products: Eco- Raw Materials Home Travel Teapot Tea Tray Set special Design

Handmade Chinese Kung Fu teapots and teapots are made of environmentally friendly materials. The body of the teapot is the original color of the raw materials, the teapot cover and the cup. Naturally processed raw materials and machine pressing can retain most of the tea flavor. Can be used for family gatherings, business meetings, office tea sets, gifts for various occasions.

Chinese tea set includes: teapot, tea cup, tea tray, rockery kit. Cups can be used for cleaning tea or sharing. The tray completes the set in a great way and still loads well during travel. All packages are packed in a carton with thick foam pads to store and keep the tea set neat and easy to carry around.

Bamboo handles and pot lids on each side make it easy to grasp and remove the heat from your fingers.

Very good to use as a showcase, part of a romantic Asian home dining, part of a ceremony or a quiet time, and you will feel comfortable wherever you go.

Note: Please wash with warm or cold water before first use

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