2019 Shanghai International Flower Show

- Mar 05, 2019-

2019 Shanghai International Flower Show

2019 Shanghai International Flower Show

Time: March 28th - May 5th

Location: Shanghai Botanical Garden

Ticketing time: 7:00-17:00

Transportation to the park: Shilong Road Station, Metro Line 3

Ticket price: Big ticket: 15 yuan Coupon: 40 yuan

The theme flower of 2019 Shanghai (International) Flower Show will use the double-themed flower form to make more trials and innovations in the theme flower variety display and horticultural application forms, so that gardening can enter more ordinary people's homes and enrich the culture of the citizens. Life meets the needs of the people's better life.

In 2019, on the basis of outdoor gardening, more experiments will be made on indoor flowers. In the upcoming Year of the Pig, we will present a feast of Zhu Dinghong's floral art.

Let us first look at what is Zhu Dinghong?

Zhu Dinghong, also known as the amaryllis, is a perennial herb with bulbs. Flowers resemble horns, flowering from late winter to spring, sometimes extended to early summer. The comprehensive trait is the first of the bulbs and is suitable for garden planting, potting and cut flowers. The 2019 Shanghai (International) Flower Show will collect and display 84 varieties of Zhu Dinghong and more than 5,000 plants. The exhibition will focus on the plant building room and invite famous flower artists to create beautiful indoor floral arrangements to showcase the beauty of delicate floral art. At the same time, Zhu Dinghong's line classification, cultivation history, flower culture, and conservation knowledge are introduced in all aspects.