Agricultural machinery products are widely classified

- Sep 11, 2017-

Sowers agricultural products are widely classified, sowing, different models have different names, such as corn sowers, fertilizers, and so on, then such products in use will certainly be due to the operation or age and other problems occur parts Damage, so that users only need to buy parts to continue to use after the replacement, do not buy new products.

    First of all, the user must try to buy when the product manufacturers to buy, because it can buy the original parts, such parts will be fully applicable to the product, there will be no flaws. So the original factory is preferred, unless there is no, otherwise do not go to other places to buy.

    Second, for personal and other reasons to other places to buy, we must observe the size of the parts and other issues, if convenient, it is best to carry the product to buy, or take pictures, the sales staff to find parts easy to find.

    Finally, in the purchase must look and try to touch parts, intuitive observation of parts are not round or wear, hand touch is to feel whether the parts have burrs or cracks and other issues. Do not think that small parts do not care, the purchase of bad words is to delay the work of spring.