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- Sep 11, 2017-

Analysis of Bubble Scratches in Glass Bottles

 1 vase fall into the initial mold can not accurately enter the initial mold, and the mold wall friction is too large, the formation of folds, wrinkles after blowing the proliferation of amplification in the glass bottle bottle folds.

2. Department of feed scissors marks too large, individual glass bottle after the scissors scar appeared in the bottle.

3. Glass mold and die into the mold material is poor, the density is not enough, after high temperature oxidation too fast, in the mold surface to form a small pits, resulting in the shape of the glass bottle is not clean.

4. Glass jar mold oil quality difference will make the mold lubrication is not enough, drop the material speed, material type change too fast.

5. Early mold design is unreasonable, cavity large or small, expected to drop into the mold, the blowing is uneven, will make the glass bottle spot

6. Machine drip rate is not uniform, improper adjustment of the nozzle will make the glass mold and mold mold temperature is not coordinated, easy to create cold spot in the glass bottle, a direct impact on finish.

7. Kiln glass frit is not clean or uneven temperature, but also the output of glass bottles bubble, small particles, small billet.

8. ranks the machine speed too fast or slow will appear glass bottle is not uniform, thin wall of the bottle, resulting in speckled.