Break the monotonous highlights of space

- Sep 11, 2017-

Who says pots can only be on the table, floor and windowsill?

Why not try to hang up the plants

So that your ceiling and the walls are also beautiful up

Today for everyone to recommend several different styles of hanging pots

Spend the least money, science, effective, quickly enhance the style of space!

First to talk about the benefits of hanging pots, the biggest advantage is not space ah!

Even if the plants are not afraid of long, high and low scattered plants more prominent space level,

And even become a bright spot to break the monotonous space.

Especially for Chlorophytum, Ferns, Ficus pumila, Ivy

Such as hanging plants,

Hanging pots can better show the perfect posture of plants

Transparent glass pots like a crystal ball, is an excellent hanging flower, let the girls heart burst. Glass flower pots small and exquisite, suitable for group, to create a staggered sense of space. Hanging with linen is very fresh, elegant, hanging directly on the hanger looks more modern and stylish.

Suspended glass flower for small plants, such as air pineapple, moss micro-landscape and some can be hydrated small bamboo taro plants, too big people can not live!

The white flower pot is the most wild flower pot, suitable for the style of space and all kinds of plants, white space is the best place to put art, neither overwhelming, nor will it seem languid, if you do not know what to choose flowers Pot that white is the most suitable but it!

The vintage woven pots meet all the fantasies of my pastoral life, the natural grass rope or willow with green plants, as if to return to childhood that pure and funky age.

Ferns, Chlorophytum, Ivy, Buddha beads, green radish are woven flower pot of the perfect match, like tall, but also with a large pot of silk reed belong to the plant, also known as bamboo cactus, trade names were also called Bolivia and the like , Slender foliage draped, like a chime bell, hanging in the ceiling or wall exudes a thick artistic atmosphere.