Do not be exposed to keep the ventilation cool

- Sep 11, 2017-

A lot of flowers of friends in the background message that how to change the meat plant? Afraid of their own way is not correct, for those who hurt them ..... no matter, Xiaobian today to come with everyone to share how to give more meat for the pot.

To the multi-meat plant before the basin for 3-5 days to stop watering. Potatoes in the basin when the plant from the pot buckle, the roots of the soil shake clean. Roots, rotten roots, dead roots all cut, to retain those who are strong, good ability to absorb the roots.

Wash the plants. The basic soil on the plant washed away, because the soil is likely to contain a large number of eggs and bacteria. Wash time to light, as little as possible less injury. You can put the roots in a pot of water gently back and forth jitter. If you wash, do not open a large faucet with a very strong water to wash, so that the root will be a lot of damage and broken. General cleaning can see the white main root on it.

After cleaning the root system, if you do not grasp the survival of the words can not repair, as long as the cut dead roots, root cause, root can be; if you feel necessary, to trim the root. Cut off those roots, roots, dead roots, and those who grow too long, a lot of winding side roots. This will make the whole root look evenly distributed neatly and will promote the growth of new roots. After the root treatment, the re-germination of the new roots will become strong, so that the plant grows more robust.

The next is sterilization, and can be in the deployment of a good sterilization solvent inside soak for about an hour. Concentration should not be too high, you can soak a small basin of multiple plants. Carbendazim, chlorothalonil can be used. After the sterilization task is completed, naturally dry the plant roots. Under normal circumstances can be moved on the same day.

Choose a good pot, spray once again sterilization agent. Will be disinfected after the plant into the flower pot, the first in the pelvic floor put some pieces of tiles, gravel, charcoal block, etc., the size of the material from the bottom down gradually reduced. This is conducive to drainage.

Place the plant in the center of the flower pot, cover the soil to completely cover the root position, from the edge of the flower pot 2-3 cm can be. With your fingers gently compaction of the soil, and then spray the soil layer of a thin layer of fungicide, so that the soil slightly a little humidity on the line, to facilitate the new root germination.

Will be completed above the task of the plant placed in the astigmatism, do not be exposed. To keep the ventilation cool, then it is not appropriate to water.

After a week can be watering, restore the sunshine (but not the sun), the normal conservation. In the slow seedling period if the basin is too dry, you can spray a layer of thin water mist on the surface of the basin every day, only to increase the humidity is appropriate! After the slow seedling period must be filled with sufficient water, or plants will be due to lack of water lead to persistent leaves, sluggish, etc., will face death.