Every life bloom is surprising

- Sep 11, 2017-

At this moment, I was a gardener, a lot of collection of flowers of knowledge, every day to learn a kind of their own flower conservation methods, and then help these flowers to develop how to move it into a more beautiful habitat, as a novice, I am also serious.

  Because it is a novice, but also afraid of the destruction of these delicate little life, so the first choice in the selection of some easy to survive, but also because the suite is not a villa so to choose some water and have formaldehyde purification of air function, the initial program set Okay, start now. The phone subscribe to a flower channel, and occasionally found gardenia and rose can be hydroponics, hot days at noon, take the scissors regardless of passers-by strange eyes, cut the flower bed in the rose and gardenia leaves, Wash, insert the bottle, waiting for half a month after the rooting, flower collection that need half a month to take root, but since the moment into the vase, I always began to pay attention, wait for it to happen miracle, in a day Take root.

 The heart is not as good as action, but also in Taobao bought a calla lily, perfume lily seeds, coupled with the whole bowl of jasmine, I intend to move into the new house before they can see them in full bloom, and then pick each of me carefully cultivated The little cute decorate my table, my living room. Taobao sellers say that the seeds to flowering takes four months, that four months I will enjoy the growth of every little happy, in fact, every kind of life bloom is surprising.

    Afternoon known seeds and seedlings have been to the evening you can plant the joy of waiting for the harvest, and perhaps there will be no harvest, but pouring a sweat of this process is to enjoy, and seriously do a happy gardener it!