Green pots are very fashionable

- Sep 11, 2017-

Home furnishings and artificial artificial flowers and trees are not an exaggeration, but only the real green plants are home decoration of the king, you can appreciate their green, feel the nature of the close, breathing their bite of negative ions AIR, let the mood and the room Become more comfortable. Of course, to spend pots, but you are concerned about the green plant can lead to the charm of pots it? Feel good pots bring the green effect may be doubled, so the selection of pots for home decoration is very important.

Let's take a look at what lovely pots and their use cases.

Good flower good grass good flower pot family gardening and green feeling great!

People who want to grow plants can make a gardening corner at home. Plant seedlings. Seeds, pots, soil, fertilizers and other gardening things necessary to put together, get nice point, it can be very good decoration.

One of the pots, can be pottery, plastic, porcelain, glass, bags, metal, wooden, and even bags, all kinds of containers can be a try. Natural, rustic, stylish, cute and so on, no matter how the atmosphere can correspond to the decoration.

Here are some of the common types of flower pots, in fact, very cheap or even free, but for the home of the green planting pots are quite fashionable.

Pottery pots

Simple style pottery pots are easy and a variety of styles of decoration pair, so more popular.

White and beige of the natural tones of the small pots.

Dull texture of the flower pots, which are also slightly smaller size, suitable for planting cactus and other foliage plants.

And then affixed to the flowerpot or label or write on the text, side by side display is very cute, really all kinds of color flower pots want ah.

Green flower pots

Made of decomposable material, buried in the soil can be decomposed pots, the overall feeling is very beautiful, simple shape, color thick, no matter what plants are suitable for the flower pot.

Colorful, size and size.

Size and size, rich colors, which also have a retro color flower pot feel very good.

The shape of a variety of species, that is, in the garden planted garden can also be.

This pot is very light, the choice of various types of pots at home can produce a beautiful horticultural angle.

Tin, iron and other metal flower pots

With the tin pot and the home can be a variety of jewelry groceries with furnishings, easy to integrate into their own personality decoration, allowing the pot to become the focus of home decoration. Style antique wind, natural wind, luxury wind and other shapes taste different, is a very good decorative props.

Simple tin cans and barrels pots, not only as a flower pot, even if placed some small things is also very beautiful ornaments.

Canned food can not be used to throw the jar, used as a flower pot, quite beautiful.

There are other natural flavor of the metal flower pots, small planted meaty plants look good.

Bags, baskets used as pots

The use of daily life and other bags and basket can also be used as a flower pot, you can feel and the ordinary flower pot is completely different charm atmosphere.