How self-irrigating pots make me a flower maker

- Nov 08, 2017-

How self-irrigating pots make me a flower maker

I can not remember how many times I've talked about self-irrigated flower pots in various occasions, big or small, so why do I love the irrigated flower pots so much?

Learn about self-irrigating pots for the first time

For the first time to understand the self-irrigation is in the white, go to a home investment company conservation plants, this company is using self-irrigated pots, both imported and domestic, as well as various styles , Good money there are wood, imported from a small desktop potting irrigation will have hundreds of pieces of wood there, but there are feelings of students can consider, because really good, but I recommend the general practice of cheap cheaper Ten to block, twenty or thirty can get

1.Save time, watering do not need to observe the soil moisture, flower pot size, temperature, humidity, etc. to control the amount of water, the need for foundation, self-irrigation pots only need to know if this plant is happy or dry, Or moderate, hi wet added to the maximum water level line, hi dry added to the water line minimum value more than a little OK, moderate is added to the middle position, simple

2. Light and solid flower pot, it is difficult to break

3. Frost resistance, because of the inner and outer layers, the material structure is also superior to other flower pots

4. Environmental protection and conservation, can be recycled

5. Under the sun will not be deformed discoloration (do not understand the students can go to a treasure search, go to our store also has a small, Amway a bit evil)

Plants that use self-irrigated pots have relatively few pests and diseases, and of course I also admit that there are potions, but they are really much better than ordinary pots

Because most of the self-irrigated flowerpots have individual tubes or water underneath, stable plants do not have to be watered on the surface, and if the other flowerpots are covered with decorations, the soil will pan out, Especially the white Han white stone (I'm not Virgo)

OK, the above is what I promised to give you a more detailed explanation of self-irrigated flower pots. A self-irrigated flower pot can make you a flower-grower