Keep in dry and sunny place

- Sep 11, 2017-

Planer maintenance steps

    1, clean, clean: clean the dust on the seeder, clean the seeds inside the seed box and fertilizers.

    2, smear Lubricating oil: gear transmission outside the unit and row should be coated with lubricating oil.

    3, clean disc opener: planer disc opener to be broken down, re-equipped with diesel fuel and oiling, disc inside and outside the surface coated with waste oil, placed in a dry covered room, sowing ditch The unit can be re-installed on the sowing machine, but with a wooden plate.

    4, brush paint: run the paint should be painted on the brush.

    5, cleaning the sander of the friction parts and transmission, and lubrication, such as the Department of transmission chain, with diesel cleaning after drying oil coated with separate storage.

    6, relax the opener telescopic spring: metal tube should be unloaded, put the indoor storage Do not make deformation, rubber belt need to be unloaded, and fill in the tube with a stick or fill in dry sand or sawdust in the dry Sunny place.

    7, placed machinery: planter should be placed in the farm library or shed. If in the open storage, the wooden seed box must have a cover, the planter should be padded two rounds. The rack should also be cushioned to prevent deformation. Spare parts, parts and tools should be kept.