Regular inspection and maintenance

- Sep 11, 2017-

1, the seed device is not selected. The main reason is that the transmission gear is not engaged, or the row of shaft head row gear square hole wear, adjustment, repair or replacement.

2, the individual seeder does not work. The reason is that the individual seed box within the seed scaffolding or seed device mouth was debris blocked, should clean up the debris; row of the shaft and the individual row of the groove of the connecting pin broken, should replace the pin; Not open, should pull the board.

3, seed metering species, but there is no seed in the seed. The reason is that the opener or tubing is clogged (mostly on the ground opener), clean the plug and take precautions to prevent the debris from falling into the opener.

4, row of non-stop, out of control. The reason is that the separation pin of the clutch bar is disengaged or the separation gap is too small. The pin should be reloaded and locked, or the separation gap should be adjusted.

5, sorting intermittent, planting uneven. The reason is that the transmission gear meshing gap is too large, the gear slip, should be adjusted; clutch spring elasticity is too weak, the gear to slip, should adjust or replace the spring.