The green office space is very important

- Sep 11, 2017-

As a space that is at least eight hours a day, the office needs to create a working environment that can support and inspire creativity, so it is important to set up a green office space. With the plant, there is a vitality of the gas, you can adjust the ecology. What are the feng shui plants of the office? Office space is limited, feng shui plant how to layout it?

Greening of office space should be the display of some plants, indoor plants are best hardwood plants, such as iron trees, evergreen, rich trees, etc., because Ye Da can block evil, absorb bad energy, adjust the small indoor environment, small leaves And vines but will absorb the energy of people, easily lead to tongue disputes. And bamboo green and elegant, both to cultivate temperament, it is a symbol of peace.

1, auspicious fortune type

Rich flowers, rich bamboo, dragon blood tree, broadleaf, Penglai pine, seven leaf lotus, tranquil, brown bamboo, clivia, blue, cyclamen, citrus, tiger blue, nest fern, etc., these plants in office feng shui In auspicious wishfulness, the effect of wealth.

2, quiet and gentle type

Lily, Chlorophytum, rose, calla lily, late incense king, tulip, etc., there are quiet Zhiyuan, calm and the effect.

3, strong Wang Wenchang type

Bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, etc., these plants can enhance people's thinking ability, Ning Shen Tongqiao, able to Zhuang Wang Wenchang.

4, healthy and refreshing type

Roses, carnations, Milan, Begonia, camellia, clean and tidy, can promote good health, belong to the office space health messenger.

5, the evil evil style

Jade unicorn ball, golden thorns, gold thorns, keel, potted gourd and so has a strong evil force, to the external evil of the restraint, belonging to the office space of the patron saint of peace.