What are the advantages of plant fiber flower pots?

- Nov 07, 2017-

We all know that there is a plant fiber flowerpot on the market recently. Its main material is straw that is discarded by crops. But what advantage does it have when compared with other material flowerpots?

Flower pots currently on the flower market can be described as everything: wooden flower pots, mud pots, creamic pots, plastic flower pots ... ... wooden flower pot is light, but it does not have colorful colors; mud flower pots are breathable, but it is ugly and heavy; creamic pots own good appearence, but fragile, inconvenient to carry and expensive. Generally, consumer is not willing to buy; Plastic flower pots are light and have a good appearence, but its air permeability is not good, plants are easy to rot, die, and plastic pots can not be disposed of after disposal, causing great pollution to the environment. Degradable green pots set each director in one, stand out in the flowerpot market. Both the advantages of light wooden pots, plastic pots have another bright color, the advantages of many styles, but also has a mud flower pot permeability, easy to grow the advantages of flowers, and pots look gorgeous porcelain, noble The advantages. Really set each director in one.