What are the most important issues facing church planters today?

- Oct 28, 2017-

In my opinion, the most important issue they face is whether people should even think of themselves as church planters.

I've attended four planted churches over the last 15 years.  In fact, for a variety of reasons, I've only attended planted churches, so you might consider me a sort of expert!

  1. A successful seeker church (2000 congregation, 4 services, etc.)

  2. A moderately successful planted church funded by a denomination where pastor was fired by denominational HQ b/c he wasn't perceived as a growth pastor.

  3. The same moderately successful planted church with a pastor preferred by denominational HQ and given a reboost of capital.  It ultimately made a major shift in orientation from a subdivision orientation to being a "youth church."

  4. A church that was started (rather than planted) by the pastor fired in bullet two and has grown organically over ~seven years. it still meets in a small elementary school auditorium although it may be outgrowing it.

A major problem with churches 1 and 3 with that the churches perceived themselves as being "church plants."  In churches 2 and 4, the pastor was truly focused on sharing the Word. I find that there is a much more sincere Christian experience when the focus is on worship and God rather than adding numbers down here.

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