What do you need to notice when you plant plants from one pot to another? Long. It also has a strong heat resistance.

- Oct 25, 2017-

In the flowering season, the flowerpot is forbidden to be replaced by the high temperature, and a step of changing the flowerpot is given.


The first ready pots and seedlings, seedlings than freshman circle around the basin



In the new basin, the floor of the basin is covered with nets and covered with small holes to prevent soil erosion or bug entry.



In order to ensure drainage and permeability, 1/5-1/6 pebbles or ceramsite are placed in the pelvic floor.banner.jpg

Don't change the flowering pots, flowering plants consume many nutrients, plants will be very weak, at greater risk for Huanpen Huanpen temperature is about 15 ~ 25 degrees, too high or too low is not suitable for the basin, especially to avoid the high temperature in summer in the basin, if it is to buy a flower with plastic basin the flowers, can take the scissors to cut the edge of the plastic basin, the basin down (destroys basin) to obtain a complete soil, plants, this is not to hurt the root if it is Cipen Huanpen, a few days ago can not watering, relative to soil condensation, convenient stripped from the bowl. If the original soil is loess, I will remove some root attachment of loess, then planted into the new earth bowl, if it is black, I generally don't do directly planted into the tube, keep the soil moist soil in the basin have new change basin after a week to two weeks on astigmatism at, Not see the sunlight, thoroughly let plants take basin to see the sun, and my personal change is not immediately after the basin on fertilizer, fertilizer on root feel easy to hurt at the moment, generally after a month, the plant seedlings and fertilizer completely

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