With the quality of life requirements are getting higher and higher

- Sep 11, 2017-

Potted plants, in the interior space plays an important finishing point. With the quality of life requirements are getting higher and higher, we are the pursuit of living things more and more extreme. These seemingly small easy to overlook things are very effective, but also do not necessarily need to spend a lot of money.

Now the value of the pots for the level of more and more spent with the flower is a kind of enjoyment. This interesting idea of life is a quiet and lively pleasure. People in this busy life to seek a spiritual comfort of the positive energy, a kind of unspeakable happy. Just because we are happy to feel life.

The planted rattan utensils, as pots, are also foolish, and make the space a little warmer.

Both medical and domestic glass jars are the best companions for hydroponic plants.

Dead wood stumps after hollowing out can be a good hidden original primitive pots.

Wild cement pots, slender shapes for single long stem green plants.

Not the exquisite pottery, it is important that large flower pots are the most beautiful small plants.

Shopping comes with kraft paper bag as a pot of substitute, this effect is simply, environmental protection is also intuitive.

Do not throw away the old generation of lunch boxes, use it to plant some plants may be better.

These bamboo containers are the wisdom of our people, in addition to the goods, the flower pot to hide the effect of particularly simple.

The old tile basin is a single seedling, the key is to give it at the bottom with a large bowl.

Is it easier than the old belly flower arrangement?

Flesh of the favorite, copper edge children glass room, exquisite like a work of art.

Sheng water of the barrels of flowers is also good, the best in the bathroom, of course, must be with the rust to the United States.

Although the exaggeration and irregularities are the most beautiful objects, because the unique is very important.

Dark, with the ears of the jars scattered species of a few cactus is not particularly resistant to look.

It should be an industrial metal container, picking up home at random any kind of value than it is in the garbage heap.

High with the copper utensils, may be the pot may also be wine.

Suitable for meat flesh of the wooden flower pots, modeling does not matter, it is important that the logs of the lines.