Xicheng District Women's Federation held the opening ceremony of China-Korea Horticultural Promotion Base

- Mar 07, 2019-

Xicheng District Women's Federation held the opening ceremony of 

China-Korea Horticultural Promotion Base

On the afternoon of March 5, the Xicheng District Women's Federation held the opening ceremony of the China-Korea Horticultural Promotion Base at the Xidan Horticulture Promotion Base of the Landscaping Bureau. Jin Yingai, President of the Korea-China Cultural and Economic Friendship Association, Quan Xuanzhu, Director of the Planning and Exchange Department of the Korean Cultural Institute in Korea, Han Xiangshu, President of the Korean Flower Arrangement Association, Li Gaoxia, Chairman of the District Women's Federation, and Zhu Yanzhao, Deputy Director of the District Landscaping Bureau attended the event. .

The Sino-Korean Horticultural Promotion Base is based on the 2018 China-South Korea cooperation project, and further implements and promotes the “Floral Skills Innovation Application Project”, which was jointly established by the Landscaping Bureau and the Korea-China Cultural and Economic Friendship Association. The purpose is to create a demonstration project and training base from the Xidan horticultural promotion base. By introducing the professional skill training system and employment and entrepreneurship system of the Korean flower arranging profession, combined with China's national conditions, the Korean flower horticultural vocational education curriculum system is introduced to establish a Beijing-based vocational education curriculum system. The city's flower arrangement entrepreneurship training system and architecture. Through the flower arrangement entrepreneurship demonstration project, the development of women's vocational skills will be promoted, and the realization of women's comprehensive entrepreneurial goals will be promoted.

On the "March 8" International Women's Day, members of the Women's Federation of the District Women's Federation organized a flower arrangement experience to celebrate the sisters' own festivals. Han Xiangshu, the president of the Korea Flower Arrangement Association, personally taught the flower arrangement skills. The women's committee sisters had a high degree of enthusiasm. I want to use the perfect work as my "March 8" holiday gift.