Bamboo Indoor Boat-Shape Flower Pot With Tray

Ball vase 2. Flower paper can be spread on the surface for decorative purposes 3. Does not tear, the color stays bright and does not fade. 4. Suitable for multiple scenes and decoration 5. Follow current trends and present patterns and colors. Every creative and decorative wish is good.
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Product Details

Description of  Bamboo Indoor Boat-Shape Flower Pot with Tray


Made in China 

Dimensions as shown

Made of environmentally friendly raw materials

Product Dimensions See picture above
Item No.   BK-8130/8131
Color Name   5 basic material color & Pantone color
Material Type

natural material( bamboo powder, straw, chaff, coffee husks 

and Nuts Husks

Bamboo powder colored plant pots: Whether you are looking for a lovely flower pot, other plant pots or flower pots, this small boat-shaped flower pot can bring a beautiful home to your plants.

Modern design: The colorful design and stylish color combination make up this stylish flower pot, but it can also perfectly match the classic country decoration.

Indoor flower pot: This flower pot can be used for indoor decoration or outdoor, with drainage holes at the bottom and waterproof tray.

Versatile flower pot: This flower pot is used as a low-key Valentine's Day decoration, or it can be used to house indoor plants all year round. It can even be converted into a hanging flower pot.


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