3-Piece Aromatherapy Boston Style Small Vase

Ball vase 2. Flower paper can be spread on the surface for decorative purposes 3. Does not tear, the color stays bright and does not fade. 4. Suitable for multiple scenes and decoration 5. Follow current trends and present patterns and colors. Every creative and decorative wish is good.
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Product Details

Description of the 3-Piece Aromatherapy Boston Style Small Vaseimage

Product Dimensions 4.8*6 / 6*3.3*7.4 / 7.8*7.1*7.1   cm
Item No.   BK- 7184/ 7183/ 7182
Color Name   5 basic material color & Pantone color
Material Type

natural material( bamboo powder, straw, chaff, coffee husks 

and Nuts Husks


Products: 3-Piece Aromatherapy Boston Style Small Vase

Uses: It is very suitable for adding decoration to the room decoration. Designed to pair your favorite aroma bottle with environmentally friendly materials for a beautiful fragrance. Ideal for everyday use, weddings, events, fragrances, Spa, Reiki, meditation, bathroom settings.

Pros: Use our aromatherapy essential oils and beautiful aromatherapy bottles to bring a delicious, beautiful fragrance to your home. When used as decoration and fragrance decoration at home.

Size / Material: Each size is small and does not take up space. A set of 3 pieces is made of environmentally friendly agricultural waste.

Baike-branded products: Baike-branded products are made with high-quality raw materials, and every step will not cause waste. In order to realize the Chinese environmental protection concept, recycle and help make Mother Earth more suitable for future generations.

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