10 Common Flower Watering Methods

- Aug 20, 2018-

10 Common Flower Watering Methods

Do you also love to raise flowers, but you can't raise them, even those who can raise cacti? Don't worry, with this article, you don't have to worry anymore. If you want to raise flowers in the future, you can raise flowers.

1, anthurium

Water once every 12 days, pour through, see the sun properly.

2, green radish

Hi water, water for three or four days, watering, rare sun, can also be placed in places with light.

3, Boston fern

Boston fern is warm and humid and semi-shade, avoiding heat. It can be placed in bright scattered light indoors and can not be exposed to strong light. Otherwise, the leaf color may turn yellow or lead to dry leaves, but it should not be placed in the dark, otherwise the leaves will fall off after a few weeks.

The Boston fern has strict requirements on moisture, and should not be too wet or too dry. It is better to keep the soil moist. In the summer, pay attention to spraying 2-3 times a day; when the room temperature is low in winter, reduce the watering. If the room temperature is kept above 8 degrees, it will be safe for winter.

4, Begonia

Water is poured once a week, watered, rare sun, placed in the light, the sun will directly lose the true color of the flowers, not easy to watch.

5, longevity flower

Water once a week, drenched, rare sun, placed in the light, the sun will directly shrink the flowers will shrink.

6, Tiger Piran

Water the water for half a month, don't completely pour it. Just put it on the balcony and let it cool for a few days on the balcony where the sun is not strong. Otherwise, the roots will rot and the sun will not be exposed.

7, a poinsettia

Hi warm and humid environment, not cold-resistant; like enough light, not resistant to yin; not strict on soil quality, but like fertile loose and well-drained slightly sour soil.

8, dragon must

Hi water, water once a week, drench, properly sun.

9, the rich tree

Do not like water, spray a small amount of water in 20 days, or pour water into the chassis, can not bask in the sun, if it is often poured once, it will die, prudent watering.

10, money tree

Do not like water, spray a small amount of water for half a month, or pour some water into the chassis, not to be exposed to the sun.