2018 World Cup In Russia: Mexico Has Never Been An Underdog

- Jun 19, 2018-

2018 World Cup in Russia: Mexico has never been an underdog


       After the match between Germany and Mexico, the German team leader Bierhoff was intercepted by a well-known German journalist in the mixed interview area. The TV screen behind the 1996 European Cup Germany team champion’s hero was playing repeatedly. Losano, the Mexican, captured the screen of the German team. As the defending champion, the German team was defeated 1-0 by Mexico in the first match of the Russian World Cup group match. The German team coach Luf thought that this was an accident, but Osorio insisted that “this is a reasonable result”. .


       After the German and Mexican battles ended yesterday morning in Beijing, the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow became an ocean for Mexican fans to celebrate. The former captain Lahm, who had rushed to the scene to cheer for the German team, refused all interviews. After breaking through the “surrounding” of Mexican fans, he headed into the special car.

      The small, flirtatious Mexican man Lossano suffered from the slow German defense. His 33rd minute goal ended the Mexican team's record of defeating Germany in the World Cup. But it is not only Losano who destroys the German tank engine. “Our team members are not inferior to technology, body and will. If we can't solve physical problems, we can't be regarded as a competent head coach.” Osolio's statement after the game is more like an implicit criticism of opponent coach Luf .

       As a guest of honor of the Mexican football elite, in 2002 the South Korea and Japan World Cup Mexico's "heroic" Borgesi who broke the gate of the Italian team took off after the game, his tie has been released. He and a compatriot fan holding a beer mug clamored to celebrate. He said, “I have seen the data of the match. In addition to the fact that the last time in the match resulted in an increase in the number of shots by the opposing team, the Mexican team’s victory tonight is perfect.”


     Counting this tournament, the Mexican team has reached the finals of the World Cup 16 times. Its number of matches is second only to Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Germany and other teams. From 1994 to 2014, the Mexican team reached the top 16 of the World Cup six times in a row. It's no wonder that Mexico’s team veteran Marquez said proudly, “The Mexican team has never been a weak tour of the World Cup.”

     In the mixed interview area after the match, the German team members did not seem to mind the results of the loss of Mexico to the FIFA World Cup. "The gourd doll" Muller stuffed his headphones with hip hop and couldn't see any frustration. Regardless of Love, Bierhoff still remains optimistic about the prospects of the German team. Kirmisi, Ozil, and Khedira, who were criticized by the German media, also showed a look of nothingness. But they almost refused interview requests from all media reporters. Ozil's smile does not look natural.

     Unlike German players wearing shorts and casual outfits, the Mexican team members dressed in suits and passed through the mixed interview area. They stayed late, but they all spoke brilliantly and did not show any signs of fatigue. Lossano said, “I know that our team was eliminated 1 to 4 in the Confederations Cup last year. But we have always respected any games, people and opponents. We are very prepared for the World Cup. Our victory is not a fluke. The German team should be convinced.” The 23-year-old said humbly for an olive branch thrown from European giants such as Manchester United. “Now I have no time to consider these things. Start."

     An hour or so after the game ended, the fans of the German team had dispersed, but the fans of the Mexican team were still full of a historic victory for the team. They are self-portraits, and they can not leave the arena with singing and dancing. From the Luzhniki Stadium to Moscow's Red Square, Mexican fans in their straw hats and glasses caught in the slightest depression can be seen everywhere. From time to time, Mexican fans sing and melodious songs from the banks of the Moscow River.