2019 China Beijing World Horticultural Exposition Barley Network Invoicing

- Mar 14, 2019-

2019 China Beijing World Horticultural Exposition Barley Network Invoicing


On March 13, 2019, China Beijing World Horticultural Exposition was officially invoiced in Damai. This is another national project after Damai.com won the exclusive ticketing agency and exclusive ticketing system supplier of the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup. .

In 2019, China Beijing World Horticultural Exposition will be held in Yanqing, Beijing from April 29th to October 7th. 110 national and international organizations and more than 120 non-official organizations participated in the exhibition, which was the highest level of horticultural exposition held in China after the Kunming World Expo in 1999.

The relevant person in charge of Damai.com said that as the official online ticketing agent of the World Expo, Damai.com will serve consumers from ticketing operations and user touch, creating a convenient and enjoyable viewing experience for the audience.

In order to let more consumers see the style of Beijing World Expo, Damai.com has tailored its exclusive promotion strategy for Beijing World Expo based on its years of experience in ticketing operations and digital marketing capabilities. In the pre-sale registration stage, with the help of the “Warm Spring Festival” feature page of Damai.com, the project content is exposed to the key points, and the interest of the home users is attracted through the fun marketing, and then converted to the appointment registration.

At the same time, the barley net exerts the ecological linkage effect, with the help of Alipay, Taobao ticket, flying pig and other traffic portals, accurate drainage, and expands the consumer groups of exhibition users, which will precipitate deep users for the Beijing World Expo. In addition, Damai.com will also use Ali's big data analysis capabilities to link the potential audiences of the Beijing World Expo with a combination of resources such as nails, word of mouth, Youku, and Gaode to enhance the exhibition rate.

It is reported that 2019 China Beijing World Horticultural Exposition tickets are divided into two categories: designated day tickets and peace day tickets. Holiday tickets such as the opening day, May Day holiday, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and “Eleventh” holiday (including closed garden day) are designated day tickets, which support the day of the designated day or any weekday visit. The weekday ticket only supports In addition to the designated day of the week to enter the park; each type of ticket is divided into two tickets, the designated day ordinary ticket 160 yuan, discount ticket 100 yuan, weekday ticket ordinary ticket 120 yuan, discount ticket 80 yuan.