Bamboo Fiber Pots: Degradable Decompression to Earth

- Apr 09, 2018-

Bamboo Fiber Pots: "Degradable" Decompression to Earth


    Bamboo fiber pots made of bamboo powder as raw materials are truly green and natural environmental protection products. After being put on the market, they are highly praised by European and American customers. Compared with biodegradable products made from corn starch, bamboo fiber pots are more primitive in appearance and cheaper, and they make full use of the rich bamboo resources.


    The pots made of bamboo fiber smell a hint of bamboo leaves. Compared with tableware made from corn starch, the color of bamboo fiber pots is closer to the color of purple sand, and the surface of pots also has an enamel luster. Bamboo fiber pots are degradable products.

     Since plastics are difficult to degrade, by the end of this millennium, the earth we live in will be occupied by plastic waste. After hundreds of millions of years, perhaps the human species has long been extinct, and the only thing that can prove that human civilization has existed is only residual plastic waste. Whenever you see such reports about plastic waste, you are always in a hurry. Our country and the earth on which we live depend on the need for biodegradable products. Bamboo flowerpots have been exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and are favored by domestic and foreign customers.


    Previously, traditional plastic products have been criticized for being difficult to degrade naturally and seriously pollute the environment, while bamboo powder pots are self-degrading in the soil.

     China's bamboo resources are very rich, and local materials can solve the problem of raw materials. Moreover, bamboo is cheap and renewable, and it is the most suitable and ideal material.

     Using degradable products means decompressing the earth. It is hoped that more units, departments, hotels and ordinary people will all establish environmental awareness and use degradable products as much as possible.