Clean The Breathing Environment, Wash The Mind

- Sep 11, 2017-

Living in the reinforced concrete city jungle, indoor garden can make up for the lack of green space, purify the breathing environment, wash the mind. To be a master craftsman, to create their own indoor garden, add flowers and vitality for the home.

The kitchen counter can also be a beautiful flower stand, put your favorite green plant in the drawer.

Sofa finishes flowers, flowers never withered, do not need watering, but do not need to worry about care. Every day to enjoy their favorite flowers, is so simple.

With the plant bench to achieve the "green finger" dream it, plants can be selected, sets of eye-catching vases to be placed on a tripod, so as to patchwork, light and clear.

Corner in the corner of the weaving of the rattan chair with a natural red, three-dimensional and rich atmosphere.

Placed in the shelves of green plants, to create a side of the vitality of the wall, the shape and size of plant vessels to match properly, create a three-dimensional sense.

Solid table from inside to outside reveals a different feeling, polished stone desktop, Robinia table legs warm the room.

Cocoon chair do not have to hang up, quietly lying in the sunny corner, enjoy the beautiful shape.

The bed is equipped with four pillars, meaning the greenhouse. Beding green, like oil paintings, there is a trace of Monet's feeling.

Fence, it is always quietly dedicated, it looks grass flowers, it always protects the growth of plants, it can also be a landscape in the garden.

A piece of bamboo, in the gardener's carefully cut, a section of a strong insert into the envelope position, and with a thin wire line. Green, that life, green, nature of the color, the fence into a green, more vitality. Serious and meticulous craftsman. In the gardener's careful arrangement, after painting, neat and staggered green bamboo, already into King. It is necessary to play a protective effect, but also to effectively avoid security problems. Fence top mounted on the brush yellow PVC pipe, safe and beautiful. Gardener's hard to pay, creating a beautiful landscape.