Comprehend The Ten Points Of Composting And No Longer Need To Buy Fertilizer

- Jun 20, 2018-

Comprehend the ten points of composting and no longer need to buy fertilizer

Composting is a very environmentally friendly way of saving money. At the same time, your plants can grow better. Autumn is the best time for composting.

According to the following composting method, composting must not be stinky, and the best and most effective composting can be obtained.

Composting taboos:

Do not put meat, dairy products, plastics, pet excrement (parasites), edible oils, processed or boiled foods into compost. Instead of composting, they will stink and destroy compost.


Here are some tips for composting:

1, chopped

The leaves, leaves, grass, old newspapers, etc. must be completely chopped and put into the compost bin. The whole block is insignificant and difficult to decompose. You need to spend some time to make these things broken enough. The more broken, the faster it will decompose.

2. Placement position

Compost bins are best placed in the yard or balcony, do not need to frequently check the situation, only need to add the time when there is domestic waste, and then make full use of, can save a lot of time.

Don't get those meat products to the compost bin, it's easy to stink and bugs.

3, compost container

You can make a composting fence with wooden boards. Of course, that requires you to have a yard. This is a very good way. If you want to compost in a small space, you can choose black container compost (black heating fast), the bottom is best to have hole drainage.

Turn the compost every week so that the underlying material can also have oxygen and speed up the fermentation.)

4, compost and moisture

If the compost material is completely dry, that's not good. You need to add some water to them. Compost requires a moist environment, but it cannot be completely soaked, so it is very necessary to maintain a certain amount of moisture. If you feel that the compost is too dry, you can add some water to it.

5, the importance of drainage

If your compost is in a closed container, it can certainly speed up the process of fermentation, but pay attention to the drainage, the bottom of the drainage hole needs to add three layers of barbed wire or gauze, let the water seep out, so that the compost will not be excessively humid , But to maintain a certain amount of water, drainage holes must be available.

6, the color of compost

When composting, they will gradually decompose and you will be able to see the colors in the compost. They are generally green and brown. You have to make sure that the two are average in quantity. The green material is something with a lot of nitrogen, and brown The substances belong to the carbon category, these are the necessary nutrients for composting.

7, the material's attention

Before you put the grass, leaves and leaves in the compost bin, you have to make sure these things don't have too much insecticides or herbicides. If there are too many chemical pesticide residues, it will damage the whole compost piled up. Fertilizer is also useless and even harmful.

8, accelerate the composting process

The compost bin can properly speed up the fermentation process. It is possible to increase the moisture content on the top of the compost bin, and if there is a target, it can speed up the process of composting.

9. How to help compost

The wolfberry can speed up the process of composting, but also make the compost more fertile. The effect on plant flowers is also greater. Of course, you can also test whether your compost material contains a lot of pesticide residues. If more, they will all die.

10, determine whether the compost is completed


Whether or not the composting is completed depends on whether the material is decomposed, the decomposition is completed, the fermentation is completed, and the temperature is restored to room temperature, resulting in a compost that can be used directly.