Do You Know The Three Misunderstandings Of Growing Flowers In Summer?

- Aug 15, 2018-

Do You Know The Three Misunderstandings Of Growing Flowers In Summer?

In summer, the method of conservation is naturally different from that of the weekdays. Let’s take a look at the three misunderstandings of summer flower cultivation and the three things that need to be paid attention to when novices raise flowers. After understanding, it is more effective to raise flowers!

Three misunderstandings in summer


1: Watering more

Some flower friends think that flower snoring is due to lack of water, so they will pour a lot of water regardless of time. The amount of water in summer should be appropriate according to the variety and size of the plant. Aquatic and herbaceous plants should be watered more, and dry and woody flowers should be watered less.

Watering in different growing seasons is not the same. For example, summer sleeping flowers, tulips, cyclamen, geraniums, narcissus, etc. should be watered less.

In general, the time for watering is preferably after 6 pm before 10 am. After each watering, wait until the surface soil is dry, and when the inner soil is not dry, pour the second water. Do not only wet the surface of the potting soil, which will make the root supply of the flower insufficient, resulting in defoliation or even death.blob.pngMyth 

2: Putting it indoors for a long time

Strong summer sun, it is easy to cause burns on the leaves and root tips, affecting its growth. Some flower friends simply move the flowers into the room, but indoors, plants are difficult to carry out photosynthesis. In addition, the indoor air conditioner is turned on in the summer and the air is dry. You can prepare a shade net, build a pergola for flowers, and ventilate and breathe.

The amount of shading depends on the characteristics of the plant species. For example, sweet-scented osmanthus is like lighting, and it can be covered at most when it is too hot at noon; the yin-like plants such as rhododendron and gardenia can be placed in the shaded shed in summer; Wenzhu, Fortune Tree, Chlorophytum, and Clivia should be placed. Indoors, keep away from direct sunlight.


3: Over-trimming

Many flowers grow very quickly after entering the summer. In order to keep the shape of the plant beautiful, it needs to be trimmed. It is also advisable to pruning flowers. Excessive pruning often affects the normal development of flowers.

Novice flowers

First, look at the place to raise flowers

Novice flowers should look at the place where flowers are raised. At home, the space is relatively large. Plants can be raised, such as rich trees, money trees, etc.; but if they are in the office, because they have limited space and are public places, they are suitable for raising Small potted green plants, such as white palms, ferns, succulents, etc.

Second, raise flowers and common sense 1

In terms of conservation, plants do not need to be watered every day, and water is poured once every three to five days. Do not give too much water. Put fertilizer once a month to a month, dissolve it into water or put particles directly. 7, can be.

If you are raising plants on the balcony of your home, you can plant some cockscombs, peacocks, marigolds, cleoptera, crabapple flowers, petunias, and a bunch of red. These plants are positive plants and must be guaranteed. Plants are sunny and have plenty of water.

If you encounter summer exposure, the water evaporation of the plant is faster, you need to water every day, the number of watering is twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Third, raise flowers and common sense 2

When watering the plants, you can pry the leaves of the plants before watering, insert a wooden stick or discarded chopsticks into the pots to see how wet the soil is. If the soil is already dry, water the flowers and pour them into the flowers. The water leakage at the bottom of the basin stops.

In addition, for plants that like water, such as ferns, ivy, etc., they can be sprayed with small spray bottles at a frequency of 2 to 3 days.

In terms of fertilization, as a novice, it is best not to fertilize flowers easily, because once the amount is improperly controlled, it is easy to cause damage to plants.

In addition, if the flower grows a little bit, you can put the plant in the vent or move it to the window sill, or change the watering amount of the plant, so that the plant can absorb the corresponding energy and nutrients from the air and water to help the plant to spend Difficulties.