Don't Plant Flowers Quilkly When You Buy A New Flowerpot

- Jun 29, 2018-

Don't plant flowers quilkly when you buy a new flowerpot

       The newly-purchased flowerpots cannot be immediately used for flowering. Why? Because the flowerpots haven't "communicated" with the plants, the pots and plants are still in a state of non-acceptance, so if the newly bought flowerpots are not slightly Addition processing is used to grow flowers. Even if you buy back dozens of flowers, it will eventually be wasted and the flowers will still die. Let's take a look at how to deal with a new flower pot before we can get flowers and new flower pots to get along well!


        Even if you like to buy a new flowerpot, you want to plant it immediately, but please click on it first. First you will go to the fire with your newly purchased flowerpot. Don't let its "fire" be so strong. It took a long time for the flower to burn. It can be changed for a new pot, but be sure to "go to the fire" before changing the pot.

        Why do you want to "go to the fire"? The most commonly used flower pot for every household is ceramic pots. This kind of flower pot is more style, breathable, and it is also very cheap. With a little money, you can have a flower that you love. The new home is more cost-effective, even if it is a new pot for a year.

        The cost-effectiveness of ceramic pots is its merits, but it also has drawbacks, that is, there is "fire gas", it must be "go to the fire" before it can be used because it is fired at high temperatures, drying does not say, also Contains sulfur, which is dry, and second, it contains sulfur, so it is easy to grab water and plants.

         Here we will teach you step-by-step how to set fire to new pots.

         1. For the new flowerpot, we only need to feed it with water, that is, soak it in the water for two or three days, so that it can avoid drinking water with flowers.

         2. After the new pot has finished drinking, it must be dried to grow flowers.

Note that although the new pots need to be treated, the pots that have been left unused for a long time must also be treated slightly.


        The reason why flowerpots are idle is mostly because of the reason that the plants that were used to plant them withered. Therefore, more or less of the pots will have some residual soil, and there will be some germs on them. Infect new planting flowers so that the new flower life is not long.

        Here we talk about how to deal with unused pots.

        1. Wash the pot first, then inhale it into the vessel containing the potassium permanganate solution for half a day. After the time is up, the pot is taken out and cleaned, and finally it is dried.

       2, potassium permanganate solution is more difficult to find, so we can also use potassium permanganate tablets to replace the solution, the same practice, the effect is the same. For a potted plant, do one more step to make it grow stronger.

      If you spend a long time, you will want to change pots and soils, which is more conducive to the space needed for nutrient absorption and growth.

      Since the flower has been changed out of the basin, take one more step and repair it to make it better, which is beneficial to its growth. So how to change pots, repair the roots do not cause harm to it.