Elegant Flower Pots Will Make Hupiran Look Better

- Aug 22, 2018-

Elegant Flower Pots Will Make Hupiran Look Better

Tiger Piran is a family-raised plant. Putting Tiger Piran in the house, the lush green basin is full of green, and it seems to be very lively at home. Since it is raised at home, it is related to the beautiful question of what kind of flower pot is used in tiger skin. Do you know that tiger peel is deep basin or shallow pot? In fact, tiger skin is divided into different varieties, and large varieties are required to be equipped with deep flowers. Pots, small varieties naturally have to be equipped with shallow pots.

First, Tiger Piran looks good with elegant flower pots

Tiger Piran is a plant that is very vigorous and looks like a lush large plant. The leaves of the general tiger Piran are all covered with different shades, so when we choose the flower pot of the tiger Piran, we must choose the more elegant flower pot, preferably the solid color. A flower pot that does not have a large pattern.

Many people don't know what kind of flower pots are used by Tiger Piran. In fact, they are not familiar with the color. Tiger Piran is a yellow-colored pattern in the green, and its own pattern is already heavy. Therefore, when choosing a flower pot, you can not choose a flower pot with a pattern. In this case, the pattern is too heavy, and there will be a feeling of being overwhelmed. It is best to choose a white, or light yellow, more elegant flower pot.

Second, the difference between tiger Piran and deep basin

Regarding the use of deep basins or shallow pots in tiger Piran, the problem depends on the plants. Tiger Piran is divided into two types, one is short-leaf tiger-tail orchid, and the other is long-leaf tiger-Pylan (the highest is the silver-tailed tiger-tail orchid). ). These two types of tiger skin have different flower pot requirements.

1, shallow basin

The short-leaf tiger-tail orchid is the most typical small variety of tiger-Pylan, mostly small potted plants on the desk or desk. This kind of small tiger Piran variety does not need deep flower pots, and the flower pot of 15-20 cm height is already suitable. But you must use the flower pot of the light mouth. The tiger skin orchid grows very fast, and the mouth is too small to be easily loaded.

2, deep basin

According to the logic above, the taller tiger Piran needs a deep pot of pots to install. You think about it, if the tiger Piran you raised is tall and dense, but with a shallow basin, it is a bit too top-heavy and looks very uncoordinated. It is best to choose the flowerpot of Tiger Piran, which is generally taller, to go up at 30 cm, but not too deep, otherwise it is not conducive to drainage.

Third, the best looking tiger Piran variety

1. Phnom Penh Tiger Piran

In general, the best-looking tiger Piran variety is Phnom Penh Tiger Piran, whose leaves are very large. Not only does it have the same texture as the tiger skin, but at the edge of the leaves, there is a layer of yellow gold rim, which looks like a leaf embedded in a gold piece, very beautiful. Moreover, this kind of Phnom Penh Tiger Piran is also very adaptable to the environment. It can grow in the office, at home or outdoors, and is suitable for growing in shallow basins.

2, the beak tiger Piran

As the name suggests, the beak tiger Piran is a tiger Piran variety that looks like a bird's beak. It looks very special, just like a parrot's mouth, with a curvature, very interesting. This is a species of tiger Piran that is more popular among girls. It is more petite and suitable for growing in shallow pots.

3, Gray Leaf Tiger Piran

The color of the gray leaf tiger Piran is gray and blue-gray, which looks calm and gentle. The state of the lifting is a state in which a leaf is wrapped with a leaf, and it will slowly spread out after the growth is opened. This kind of tiger skin is suitable for home, and the home is biased towards the light-colored room. It is suitable for decorating with gray leaf tiger skin, and it is also planted in shallow pots.