Follow The Proper Use Of The Specification

- Sep 11, 2017-

Plastic tray should pay attention to the following points:

1. should be lightly put plastic tray, to avoid landing when the uneven force, damage.

2. Place the goods, should be placed evenly, to avoid lifting movements, the occurrence of side crooked.

3. When handling equipment, consider whether the cargo size is suitable for use with this plastic tray, to avoid the size of inappropriate, bear the plastic tray.

4. When stacking, use the load of the bottom tray. , The correct use of plastic pallets should be done on the plastic tray with the appropriate packing and wrapping, easy to use mechanical loading and unloading, so as to meet the loading and unloading, transportation and storage requirements. In order to make the plastic tray long and safe to use, it is desirable to use the plastic tray correctly as follows:

1. Plastic tray should be protected from sun exposure, so as not to cause aging, shorten the service life.

2. Do not throw the goods from the height in the plastic tray. Reasonable to determine the way the goods in the tray stacking. Goods placed evenly, do not focus on stacking, eccentric stacking. The tray carrying the weight should be placed on a flat surface or surface of the object.

3. Do not drop the plastic tray from the height, to avoid the collision caused by violent tray broken, crack.

4. forklift or manual hydraulic vehicle operation, the fork as far as possible to the outer side of the tray fork by the foot, fork thorns should all extend into the tray, the tray can be lifted after the smooth change angle. The fork can not hit the side of the tray to avoid causing the tray to break and crack.

5. Shelf on the tray, you must use the shelf type tray, bearing capacity depends on the shelf structure, is strictly prohibited overload.