Four Kinds Of Fertilizers For Flowering

- Mar 28, 2018-

Four kinds of fertilizers for flowering

     Rapeseed cake. Every time I go home, frying oil canola is kept. I can't go to the local area to buy some oil. It is very cheap. I can mix some flowers in the soil and fertilize it well.

     Plant ash. In the past, when compared with the common things in the countryside, the little time was impressive. When you sprinkle some vegetable ash to the ground, it is the main pest. Similarly, now we apply it to a flower to prevent pests in the pot. But also used in hanging fruit pots to grow bigger fruits, but azalea, gardenia and other flowers do not like the use of acidic soil。

     Egg shells. The usual egg shells are stacked, dried, processed into powder, and are also a good fertilizer in buried pots.

     Bone meal. Those who are not afraid of trouble will mess things up. Pack up the leftover bones in the family, disinfect them into powder, and bury them in the bottom of the pot. It can promote more flowering and make the rhizomes of blossomes more powerful.