Good Work Must First Of Its Profits

- Sep 11, 2017-

Good work must first of its profits, like planting a lot of meat, some tools can also help a lot of busy, the number of years, we can also use the meat tools.

Gas blowing

If all the tools can only choose one to stay, then I will choose to blow, use it would not have to say, all kinds of blowing, blowing soil blowing water, especially after the rain or water after the residual water droplets in the leaves, Do not blow away, always worry about leaving behind the trouble, the residual water thing, is often something. Though you say that you can not think that the little girl is so dry, you can imagine a big gentleman, or holding a flower pot, or bent over, facing a pot of flowers blowing

Useless before, that there is, or no difference is not too big, after use, see the meat flesh and dust with soil will be itchy. Sometimes planted more meat, some particles of soil fell into the leaves, the gas blowing blowing out, with tweezers is the most secure; fine pavement when the tweezers are also very easy to use. And tweezers there is another use, planting when the short round of the fingers can not reach the place, you can use the tweezers tip the other end of the work, such as filling the planting medium, into the medium inside Joe good meat and so on.

Pour water bottle

This is how to say it, the biggest drawback is ... watering too slowly, think about it, if it is a few hundred hundreds of pots, which water poured into what time, of course, casually sprinkle casually poured, after the blow Blowing more efficiently. But sometimes, like some of the flesh of the lotus, the leaves will often cover the basin, watering will be a little difficult, or when the leaves are inserted to wet the media, watering too much force may rush wet wet leaves, This watering bottle comes in handy. Some people say that the mouth of the watering bottle can not be when the water blowing, I tried, it feels like a gravitational heroine with oxygen cylinders instead of manned maneuver in a variety of spin, Those who say this, certainly not used to blow!

Cylinder type shovel

When used, feel a kind of cool feeling, especially in the sub-bag when the dry medium, but the actual planting time ... less use, habitual hand mix a variety of grasp ... As for what small shovel, Small shovels of the Han ... there are more than hand easy to use it ... ... will make people kind of illusion ... like the beach watching children playing sand. ,


Very practical fleshy little tools, like this furry flesh, and finally can clean up