How To Extend The Life Of The Seeder

- Sep 11, 2017-

The life of the portable sowing machine is a matter of concern to many peasant friends. The use of portable sowers Simple planting only save the seeds and high efficiency characteristics, by the majority of farmers favorite friends How to extend the life of portable sowers it?

     The placement of the portable sowing device is that many farmers' friends do not pay attention to the need to use the sowing device in accordance with the normal method of storage, so that when used will not have a great impact on the seeding. The seeder should be placed in a relatively dry and clean environment.

     Also pay attention to the oil placement to prevent re-use of the seeder damage. The portable sower will have soil or dirt in some parts after the sowing work, and it is necessary to clean up the parts of the transmission system in particular. When the parcel is dropped, the opener is lowered and the seats are lowered to stabilize the body to reduce the unnecessary load on the rack of the portable sowing device.