How To Maintain A Beautiful Garden In The First Quarter ?

- Apr 12, 2018-

How to maintain a beautiful garden in the first quarter? 



        A beautiful four-season garden is inseparable from care. With the rapid development of information technology, many media magazines or Internet cafes have shared some exquisite landscape plant photos from the media to achieve their own goals. These beautiful landscape photos push me to read and then they can't help but forward. How is the landscape created? Any glorious landscape is inseparable from the creation and maintenance of a group of obscure gardeners behind them. It is their year-round spring, summer, autumn and winter, whether it is hot or windy and rainy. !

       Many friends have asked me some questions about the conservation of landscape plants through different channels. I have repeatedly suggested that any questions are not clear to me in a few words, because a certain problem is only a part of the system, so I have always been writing articles. Everyone conveys such a message, that is, to bring people together to present an overall, logical thinking pattern. Through a certain aspect of the problem, the whole system will be seen. Therefore, this time I will also answer a full set of system on conservation issues. To understand the issue of conservation of landscape plants in the garden, I will use 174 photographs in this article (the 174 photographs were taken out of my one hundred thousand pictures in one day's time). Each piece has its meaning and existence. The value, I hope to bring you some reference and reference value (thanks my friend for providing me with some information, including "J. Rick Zhan" watermark image copyright for the author.)!

      Many friends told me that my article was written too long, and it took more than two thousand words and hundreds of photos at a time. Actually, I couldn’t explain it. It will take me three or four days to spend. Afterwards, I will try my best to reduce the length of the article. Not to mention that I still send an article “harassing” you half an month ago, so I urge you to understand and understand each other.

1. January and February

MonthMaintenance contentMaintenance pointsPurpose
                    January       and    FebruaryPruningDead branches, diseased branches, weak branches trimmedMake the planters more stronger
Support maintenanceAdjusting inclined branchesAvoid the hidden troubles from strom
EradicationScrape the insects on the trunkPest control
Greenland ConservationRemove weeds and clean up trashKeep the ground clean
Flower replacementPlant seasonal flowersEnhance landscape effect

2. March 

MonthMaintenance contentMaintenance pointsPurpose
   MarchReplantReplant for the death plantsImprove survival rate and enhance aesthetic results
Fertilizer looseningApplying superphosphate to red rock soil, ammonium bicarbonate combined with loose soilPromote early-onset, strong seedlings, put up the land consolidation
EradicationLocust controlPromote healthy growth
Flower seed sowingPrepare summer flower fields in advanceAdd the sence point