How To Make The Flower Strong?

- May 17, 2018-

How to make the flower strong?

     Many people never forget to water and fertilize when they grow flowers, but they still develop flowers and grass to look like malnutrition - dead leaves, losing buds, and not flowering. A lot of questions then asked me what to do. Sometimes I would analyze the lighting, temperature, watering, fertilization, etc., but we often neglected the soil of the flower pots, whether it was a hard state, and the plants were built on the basis of life. The soil has become one of the culprits of poor plant cultivation. Let us share with you the soil knowledge of flower cultivation today:


      First, soil looseness and air permeability are the basis for raising good flowers. If the roots of plants are buried in hard, air-tight soils, it is difficult to absorb nutrients, the roots cannot breathe and grow normally, and oxygen decomposing may occur. Finally, the root system is damaged. Heavy, even led to the death of the whole plant. Moreover, the compacted soil has poor water retention and fertility, which also makes your watering and fertilization work meaningless.

     Second, why the soil will knot, the first choice is the long-term over-watering. The root cause of soil compaction is the loss of fertility, mostly because we usually water the plants and make the fertility gradually drain from the bottom of the basin. Followed by excellent hard watering. "Hard water" is water containing more soluble calcium and magnesium compounds, such as tap water. The water-insoluble compounds in hard water accumulate in pots and soils, making the pots hard and hard. There is also improper fertilization. Long-term single application of chemical fertilizers, humus can not be timely replenishment, will result in soil compaction. For soils with high calcium content, applying ammonium sulfate can also cause potting soil to agglomerate.


Third, how to solve soil knot problems:

     1. Diligently loosen the soil and maintain the permeability of the potted soil; watering the plants with less water and slowly pouring them, and rejecting the flooding type watering; according to the acid and alkali requirements of the plants, proper fertilization is required. Watering tap water is best for 2 days before watering.

     2. Application of organic fertilizer, especially bio-organic fertilizer, can increase the organic matter of the soil and is simple and effective.

3. Add microbial agents. This can increase the beneficial bacteria in the soil and activate the fixed nutrients in the compacted soil, so as to loosen the soil and increase the fertility.

4.You can give the pot with the bottom pad, water directly when the water poured on the bottom pad, so that the water through the pelvic floor moist, conducive to root development, to prevent soil compaction has a certain effect.