How To Save Flowers When It Fade

- May 22, 2018-

How to save flowers when it fade


1. in order to avoid the plants being exposed, many meat lovers will let the plants be placed in the room, did not expect to lead to lack of light, the indoor environment temperature is too high resulting in high temperature burning roots.

2. In summer, high temperature, plant leaves and soil moisture evaporate too quickly. If water is not watered in time, the plants are easily deflated.

3. The weather changes rapidly in the summer, and it is easy to neglect the cause of prolonged exposure of plants under the hot sun or shade overcast on rainy days.

4. rainy weather in the rain outside the time is too long, too much water in the basin, resulting in plants can not normally breathe, take nutrients.

5. plant growth in summer, nutrient fertilizer supply is insufficient.



1. Gradually increase the amount of water to the plants: In the state of plants, many owners are pouring enough water at one time. This is a wrong practice. Because the root of the flower has long been shriveled when the flower is wilting, the original water absorption function is lost. To gradually increase the amount of water, one-time sudden watering will lead to rapid death of the plant.

2. Increase the humidity of the environment: When watering the plants, move the pots to a cool place and spray water on the leaves of the plants. Increasing the humidity of the air helps the plants to absorb water.

3. The summer climate is mostly high temperature and high humidity. Potted plants grow vigorously in this season, but it is always difficult to maintain them. They are often neglected. Xiao Bian tells you how to do it to save time and effort, but also take care of your love.


How to prevent:

1. Look at the weather forecastWhether everyone has developed the habit of watching the weather forecast before going to bed, you can decide how to place the love flowers on your balcony according to the weather conditions on the second day before going to bed. If the second weather is warm and sunny, then you can do a good shade in advance. If the rain starts from the next day, then you must pay attention to see if there is too much water in the basin. According to the weather conditions, it is necessary to make timely adjustments to potted plants, shading, watering and fertilizing.

2. To create a cool summer environment for flowers. The summer has reached a climax, and the flowerpots on the balcony are scattered in time so that the inner potted flowers can also breathe fresh air. It is best to use a flower stand to separate the height of the potted plants, which will greatly benefit the air circulation. In the morning, water should be poured according to the conditions of pots and soils. Do not pour cold water on a hot noon. Cold and hot plants are also the most susceptible to colds. On consecutive high-temperature days, spray water on the blades and surrounding environment to increase the humidity and reduce the temperature.