Is It Really Appropriate To Raise Flowers In Self-priming Pots?

- Jul 25, 2018-

Is It Really Appropriate To Raise Flowers in Self-priming Pots?

Nowadays, a basin is introduced on the market. It is a kind of basin. The basin has a small basin. There is a hole in the bottom of the small basin. A thick cotton thread is added. Water is added to the bottom basin. The cotton thread absorbs water for soil absorption. This self-priming Is it really good to raise flowers in a lazy pot? It is the best choice for small-scale potted plants.

This design is based on the principle of hydroponics. I myself do not recommend plant hydroponics. Why?

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The growth of plant roots is best in the soil and in a dark environment. The nutrients needed for plant growth are absorbed from the soil by the roots, which contain many of the things needed for plant growth. The most important point is that the roots of plants need to be breathed. With this kind of pots, the cotton thread has been absorbing water, and the soil has remained in a state of siltation. The air in the soil will be rejected and will not be replenished for a long time. It will cause oxygen deficiency in the roots and cause decay. After the rotten roots, it will affect the water absorption. For such a long period of vicious circle, the flowers will die. In addition, if the flower soil you use contains no decaying substances, bacteria will be born in the process of water, and the damage to the roots is also conceivable.

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The most terrible flower cultivation, and the most difficult to cure is the root lesion of the plant. It is rotten from the bottom up and cannot be found in time. When it is discovered, it is regrettable to remedy it.

At this time, some people will say that hydroponic green radish, hydroponic copper money grass can not die, of course, for these plants that like big moist, hydroponic can, hydroponic nutrient solution is timely supply, it will not die, but there is a little You know? You use two green radishes with good roots at the same time, one for hydroponics, one for soil culture, and you look at the long one, the long one. It is clear. You can try it yourself. Especially meaty, online sellers strongly recommend this method to raise more meat, this method is not advisable, the meat itself does not like water, using this basin to plant, will only accelerate the death of flesh. I believe that at home, hydroponic plants, the proportion of nutrient solution added really does not know much.

Another situation is that the flowers are afraid of lack of water, padding a basin at the bottom of the basin, or using a large tray filled with water, so that the flowers are always immersed in the basin, the same is true. I really don't recommend everyone.

Since I have chosen to raise flowers, I have to go to my heart, and I have a lazy pot, lazy way. Is it really interesting? The process of raising flowers is to water and fertilize, to see the flower process, if you want to omit the first two steps Off, I suggest that you can buy the kind of artificial fake flowers, you can see flowers all year round, and you don't have to manage them.