Japanese Media: Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee Members Agree To Postpone The Olympics Until 2022

- Mar 18, 2020-

Japanese media: 

Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee members 

agree to postpone the Olympics until 2022

According to the report of the Japanese sports magazine "Nikkan Sports" on the 17th, the Olympic Games Organizing Committee member Takahashi Takahashi proposed that the Tokyo Olympic Games be postponed to 2022, and many Olympic Committee members have agreed. It is said that the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Committee will hold a meeting on the 30th to discuss the issue.

It is reported that Takahashi Takahashi, member of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, said in an interview with the US media earlier that the Olympics could be postponed for one or two years. The latest idea is to change it to 2022, so that the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics will be held in the same year, and 2022 will become a noticeable "Olympic Year."

It is said that many members of the Olympic Organizing Committee have agreed with Takahashi's plan, but there are also objections. Some people have proposed that all competitions be held in vacant ground. The Organizing Committee of the Olympic Organizing Committee will hold a meeting on the 30th to discuss specific issues.

Whether the Tokyo Olympics will be cancelled or postponed is ultimately the decision of the International Olympic Committee, and IOC President Bach said earlier that he would follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization.