Keeping Flowers In The Summer, Remember These Points

- Aug 07, 2018-

Keeping Flowers in the Summer, Remember These Points

The temperature in summer is very high, especially at noon at high temperatures. The temperature is usually above 30 degrees. The water loss and transpiration of flowers and plants are very fast. These lost and evaporated water are always provided by the roots. Watering, the difference between the soil temperature and the tap water temperature is too large, and it seems to increase the water after watering. In fact, the opposite is true. Because it is poured into cold water, when the soil temperature suddenly drops, the roots in the roots shrink, which affects the normal transport of water and the normal absorption of branches and leaves. Therefore, watering in summer should be carried out in the morning and evening, do not water at noon.

Summer is the fastest growing season for all kinds of flowers. The supply of water and nutrients needed for flower growth should be guaranteed. The thin liquid fertilizer that can be cooked once a month is combined with watering. Pay attention to the dryness and wetness of the soil, dehydration and Dry branches and leaves are easy, too much water is easy to breed bacteria and roots, so the soil should be kept moist and not waterlogged in summer. To ensure the healthy growth of flowers and plants.

In the summer, in addition to the rainy weather, all flowers should be kept away from the noon sun, the outdoor light can be properly shielded, the room can be placed on the window sill or balcony, the sun is properly shaded on the window, you can hang thin curtains and other items In this way, the flower can enjoy the scattered light, it will not be tanned by the sun.

Many families have air conditioning in the summer, but in an air-conditioned room, it is not good for flower growth, because the air-conditioned room is too dry, it is easy to make the leaves of flowers and plants yellow and dry, some flowers are more like moist, such as: orchid, Azaleas and so on, therefore, indoor flowers in summer should be kept away from air conditioners (except in special circumstances), open windows to ventilate, often spray water around the flowers to cool down, increase the ambient humidity.