Liu Qiangdong Frequently Explodes “Gold Sentence” At The Opening Ceremony Of Langfang Economic And Trade Fair

- May 28, 2018-

Liu Qiangdong Frequently Explodes “Gold Sentence” at 

the Opening Ceremony of 

Langfang Economic and Trade Fair

    “Here, in Hebei, my official rise is the honorary village head of Pingshi Stone Village in Chiping County, Hebei Province, China,” said Liu Qiangdong, who also has an important identity. Originally on November 28 last year, Liu Qiangdong was hired as the "famous village director" of the Pingshi Village in Chiping County to drive all villagers out of poverty.


   “Liu Cunzhuan” started his speech at Pingxiang Stone Village. According to him, there are 234 households in Pingshi Stone Village, with a large number of poor households. There are many wild walnut trees that have formed in the mountainous area for hundreds of years. In the past, the villagers went hiking every year. Back, a pound of wild pecans sold for only 8 yuan, resulting in a lot of waste of resources, and now, the wild walnuts picked by the villagers are transported by drones and can now be sold for 36 yuan a pound. "This is a very simple microscopic example." Liu Qiangdong said, "We also have a "running chicken" project in Wuyi County, Hebei Province. Last year, more than 1,000 poverty-stricken households in Wuyi County escaped poverty!"

“We also have a lot of investment in Langfang. The first project has been completed. From the start of construction to the completion of the operation, we only used a short period of 10 months.” Liu Qiangdong said, “This has also created Jingdong’s investment in various regions and project construction. The fastest speed means that the business environment of the Langfang City and the Hebei Provincial Government, the support for enterprises, and our efficiency can be said to be first class in the world."


    Liu Qiangdong introduced that Jingdong announced at the beginning of last year that it would use four years to replace all fuel trucks in the country with electric trucks. Before the Spring Festival last year, almost all trucks in Beijing were replaced by electric trucks. At the speech, Liu Qiangdong promised that within one year, all the trucks (JD. East) that entered Hebei should be replaced with electric trucks.

“Where does Jingdong go in the future? Where does our economy go? I personally believe that everything is smart.” Liu Qiangdong believes that within 10 years, most people and most of the time will be transformed from the creation of material civilization into spiritual civilization. The creation. "Today all of us human beings, simple, mechanical, heavy, dangerous, or that all future humans are not willing to do work, will soon be robots, will work by artificial intelligence."


    “Langfang City, including Hebei Province, is standing on the same starting line with any city in the world and any other region. As long as we seize this new economic wave, I firmly believe that Langfang City and Hebei Province can fly. Higher, farther to fly.” At the end of the speech, Liu Qiangdong sent a message to Hebei's development.