Maintenance Method Of Valentine's Day Bouquet?

- Aug 16, 2018-

Maintenance Method of Valentine's Day Bouquet 

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. How do you care for these flowers when you receive flowers?

Next, I will introduce several ways to maintain these flowers, so that these loving flowers will soon die.

Maintenance Method of Valentine's Day Bouquet 

How to maintain the bouquet received Valentine's Day


1. The water cutting method puts the flower branches in the water and cuts them so that the incisions do not come into contact with the air when leaving the mother body, but it must be noted that the flower head must be exposed to the water surface.

2. Heat treatment method There are two methods of heat treatment: immersion method and burning method. The immersion method is to immerse the end of the flower branch of the herb flower in boiling water for 10 seconds or hot water for 2 minutes, and then take it out into the bottle, which can serve as an infarct incision. Prevent the spillage of the flowering tissue fluid, thereby prolonging the flowering period. The burn method is to put the end of the flower branch of the woody flower on the flame for 2-3 minutes, then cut the charred flower branch into a little alcohol and soak it for 1 minute, then rinse it into the bottle and rinse it into the bottle. The tube tissue of the flowering branch is prevented from being blocked, and the cut-off of the flower branch is prevented from being infected by the bacteria, so that the flower is continuously supplied with water.


Valentine's Day bouquet maintenance method 3, the physical treatment of the incision is to cut the incision into a bevel when cutting the flower branch to increase the water absorption area of the flower branch; the second is to break the branch of some branches and stems, directly broken by hand to enlarge the incision, And the tube tissue of the flowering branch is not destroyed; the third is to divide the longitudinal surface of the incision into several parts, and insert the small stone to open the incision; the fourth is to gently mash the end of the flowering branch about 3 cm to increase the water absorption. Area, extending flower life. Under normal circumstances, it is advisable to use oblique shearing and slitting method for grass and wood flowers, and the method of folding and smashing woody flowers should be used.

4  Increase the nutrition of the flower arrangement container can add sugar, vitamins, growth hormone, medical painkillers, etc., can extend the flower preservation time, but also can extend the flowering period, but must be appropriate.

Maintenance method after inserting the vase


1. Clean water should be cleaned when using water. If tap water is used, it should be placed for a day and night before use.

2 Moderate water depth should be above the incision, the water surface and the air should have the largest contact surface. The water depth of the tray type container should be soaked in the height of the flower cutting incision to ensure that the flower branch incision can absorb water in time; the water depth of the bottle container should be at the widest part of the bottle body, because the water surface and the air contact surface are the largest. Conducive to the smooth movement of the flower branches, reducing bacterial infections.

3. Often change water every spring and summer to change water every 1-2 days, change water every 2-3 days in autumn and winter (to prevent bottle water deterioration, you can put a small amount of salt and other preservatives). When changing the water, remove the residual flowers and leaves, properly cut the flower branches, replace the incisions, and spray water on the flowers.

4. Placed in a reasonable summer should avoid strong direct sunlight, winter should be a little farther away from the heating, otherwise it will accelerate the respiration of the flower branches and evaporation of water, easy to cause the flowers to wither.

How to maintain your bouquet for Valentine's Day Get up and let the fragrance of love fill your world.