Material And Characteristics Of Common Flowerpots In Horticulture

- Sep 27, 2017-

On the flower pot of material types, there are 8,9 kinds of as much as:

First, the first ceramic pots. This category includes pottery, porcelain basin, mud basin, with glaze tile basin, purple sand basin, pseudo-purple sand basin and so on.

If sorted by breathability, it should be a mud basin> pottery> purple sand basin> pseudo-purple sand basin> with glaze tile basin> porcelain basin.

They are also different components of their own, the general production of raw materials are mainly clay pots and sand, the kind of coarse particles of coarse particles is the addition of part of the results of sand; and purple as a special pottery pottery, is the use of Yixing Regional specialty of a high-quality clay fired, can be said that the geographical area of the product; and porcelain raw materials are the main components of kaolin, quartz, feldspar and so on.

The temperature of the firing is basically the order of the above, the tiles and pots temperature of 800-1000 degrees, pseudo-purple sand and purple pot is 1000-1200 degrees, porcelain basin needs the highest temperature, 1200-1300 Degree, of course, this is only the general law, and now the ceramic technology is more advanced, the temperature of the products are all, but the higher the temperature, the texture of the finished product is more accurate.

Pots (including black pottery, red pottery, tile basin, mud pots and other markets called): through the comparison of multi-data, I think the mud basin is actually pottery, it is breathable, permeable are very good, very suitable Raising plants, many flower friends will be specially looking pottery planted beloved plants. Pots are generally gray and black and white, many people are confused color difference between the two pots is how it is one thing, in fact, there is a little change in the production process, the cooling method after firing different. Red basin is a natural cooling, black basin is water cooling. Natural cooling of the kiln air circulation, oxygen sufficient, so that the iron element in the basin is oxidized to Fe2O3, because Fe2O3 is red, so the pot will be red. If the burning thoroughly, to the kiln constantly water, the water quickly turned into water vapor to prevent the flow of air, so that the kiln to form an oxygen-free environment, pots of Fe2O3 will be reduced to FeO, because FeO is green , So the pot will be green and gray. Black basin in the red basin in the antioxidant, hydration, atmospheric erosion and other aspects of performance is superior, it is more robust, alkali resistance, durability and strong. But because of operational trouble, now you can see the black basin is less and less.

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In addition to mention, although now online shopping popular, logistics developed, but in the online pottery is not a wise choice, brutal courier break rate does not say that this freight is enough to buy a few pots, and want to buy pottery friends Or more in the local flower market turn it, maybe there will be a good harvest.

Purple sand basin: the above has been said, purple sand basin is a specific geographical product, its structure is dense, close to porcelain, the strength of large, broken shell or stone, fine texture, small particles, permeability, permeability are it is good. As the price is high, spend more people used to plant Ming Lan and bonsai and other high value of flowers.

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Porcelain basin may be the most modern use of a pot of flowers, because it is rich in glaze, more beautiful, better decoration, the main family is to beautify the environment Well, the color, the shape of a single pot is only a senior flower Friends will care and choose. Indeed, the texture of the porcelain basin is too dense, permeability and permeability are poor, affecting the root of the breathing, flower friends are reflected in the pottery planted plants than the pottery grow slowly. Some hi wet plants such as # # taro, # calli lily, # million young and so on with porcelain pot cultivation is better. Now a lot of large-size porcelain pots are used to do pots, there is no hole, pure decoration function.

Porcelain pot by-John Bonham-flickr

Second, the plastic flower pots. Plastic flower pots because of light weight, shape, color types, the price is not high, and the production of fast, suitable for large-scale industrial production, which in the current flower pot market occupies a large share. We often see the resin pots and plastic pots from the material level, they are essentially no difference, the plastic pattern more, and some will add a variety of stabilizers, curing agents, fillers, lubricants, etc. , Because I do not study this aspect, not in-depth said, that is not good. The market was called the plastic flower pots, and one they think the plastic is LOW, put some of the recycled material or cheap raw materials to do the pot called plastic flower pots. Resin flower pots sound very high-end look like, so some of the new material and some physical properties of plastic pots, they were called resin flower pots. The difference between the two types of pots on the market from the appearance and sensory is as follows:

Plastic flower pots first price will not be very high, generally one to a few dollars, slightly larger also a dozen pieces. Plastic flower pots relative to the resin flower pots generally weigh up and feel lighter, pinch up texture is more brittle, no flexibility, easy to aging, open air generally 1 to 2 years there is no strength (a pinch on the broken), and easy to burn The

Plastic flower pot by-Quinn Dombrowski-flickr

Resin flower pots are generally in the price of a dozen dollars to dozens of pieces between the large size of the hundreds of pieces. This kind of flower pots up the feel of the heavier, and some resin flower pots have a certain degree of flexibility, will not feel hard or brittle, so more than plastic flower pots fall, than the average plastic flower pot anti-aging Performance is good, and relative to the plastic flower pots, resin pots are more difficult to burn.

Resin flower pot by-Adem Djemil-flickr

Third, other materials flower pots

Natural stone pots, because it is a natural material, made out of the pot is also more natural charm. Stone flower pots small volume of the small point, you can put the desk to enjoy, large size too cumbersome, not suitable for the family, mostly made pots, in a larger open space environment. Stone basin is also too dense texture, impermeable, breathable, and plant growth is not good.

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Woody pots, especially logs, planted plants are very simple, natural, very good decorative effect, as well as with wood into the planting groove, planting boxes, etc., but because of the loose texture of wood, long-term Shower, and watering fertilization, then, wooden basin can be used for a very limited number of years.

Glass pots are called glass bottles, glass cylinder is more accurate, mainly used for micro-landscape and hydroponic plants containers, in fact, plant root growth, or in the dark, nutrient-rich, loose breathable matrix growth best, but Now many families prefer this form of hydroponics, feel clean and translucent, pests and diseases are less, if it is water training, the following water can also raise a few small fish. Hydroponics is mainly some hi watery plants, such as: # # taro, # million young, # green radish, # coffin grass, # white crane taro and so on. Micro-landscape now a lot of people like, square inch space all-inclusive feeling, but want to keep the plant state for a long time, is the need for a lot of planting experience, is not easy.

Cement pots, which is the Nordic style of home decoration popular, the more sought after by a pot. Nordic wind is known for simplicity, the color is mostly black and white ash and some metal and wood color, pay attention to lines, simple and neat. The pots made of cement are gray, straight lines, very strong industrial style, and planted on a vibrant plant, such as # piano leaves or # leaf, is a very good match. Cement basin density similar to pottery, breathability and drainage is also good, the only worry is whether the composition of the cement plant roots will cause a bad impact, the current doubt, I have not actually used, but also did not see Some people say that his plant is dead in a cement basin.

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Plant fiber flower pots, is the emergence of an environmental flower pot in recent years, it is the use of straw, rice husk, peanut shell and other crop waste, after crushing, adding environmentally friendly adhesives, mixing after compression molding A degradable pot.

Plant fiber flower pot is a good choice, its price is not high, slightly higher than the plastic flower pots, wall thickness, weight and texture are similar to plastic flower pots, color and shape are more diverse. It can be completely degradable environmental characteristics, in addition to its permeability is also better, is conducive to plant growth. The current plant fiber pots relatively small specifications generally use 3, 4 years no problem, the larger size of the flower pot, watering more prone to cracking, deformation of the situation, yet to be further development and optimization.

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Through the introduction of the above types of pots we can conclude: pottery, purple pots, wooden flower pots, cement pots and plant fiber pots permeable, breathable is better, suitable for planting more stringent moisture requirements, fear of waterlogging Plants and drought-resistant meat plants; and porcelain pots, plastic pots, stone pots and glass pots are more suitable for hi water wet plants and aquatic plants. Well, the flower pot is the case of large inventory, understand the various pots, hoping to help you pick the favorite pots, keep your plants.