Nine Kinds Of Succulents That Are Suitable For Children, Buy One For Your Children

- Mar 20, 2018-

Nine kinds of succulents that are suitable for children, buy a pot for your children

Fleshy looks lovely and easy to take care of. Can let the children of the family choose to raise a pot of meat, regular care can cultivate children's sense of responsibility, but also allow children to learn more about nature and the opportunity to contact nature, to accompany succulent plants grow together so that children learn to adhere to. If you have children at home, please pay attention to the article and give your family a suitable succulent plant. He will love it.

OPPINA belongs to the kind of good-natured, good-looking, well-maintained OPPINA leaves in the large family of fleshy meats. The color is pink, and the tip presents a faint pink, very cute. Da, children will like it very much.


OPPINA is suitable for a dry, warm growing environment. Therefore, during the curing process, winter needs to pay attention to the temperature. In addition, OPPINA does not use too much water because the leaves have good water storage capacity. When watering, it is necessary to pay attention. If you do not water it, it must be thoroughly watered. So in the more meat world, Operina is a good support.

Debbie's leaf color will change with the season and the growth environment. Under normal conditions, it will appear pink. Pink Debbie, Meng Meng, looks super ecstasy, no children are not attracted by it. Unlike most of the fleshy meat, it is necessary to pay attention to shading more than in the summer, and it is necessary to ventilate it during daily maintenance. After growing for a period of time, pods usually grow lateral buds, forming a group of people. In the spring and winter season, it is the best time for Debbie. In terms of conservation, it is not difficult to try non-summer in the summer, and the dew ratio is sufficient. The plant type is compact, and the color will become dark purple and even more purple, but it is necessary to pay attention to shading in summer.


The black prince is a classic and popular product. Although it is a popular item, it has great ornamental value. The black prince is not big, but the gas field is very strong. It looks like a black lotus in full bloom. Many children Will like it. The black prince is also one of the most plentiful meats. During the growth process, the time required for the light is longer, but it does not require excessive watering, and it does not require excessive fertilization. The water is poured three times a month. Fat can be very good care. When there is not enough sunlight, the black prince will be green and the sunshine will increase. The black prince will gradually turn red and eventually turn black. It blooms in summer, and the flowers are black and red with inverted bells. The umbrellas are arranged in rows and are very beautiful.


Saussurea leaves are white in color and beautiful in appearance. They look like a lotus made of ice and snow. They are holy and elegant, like living crafts. The potted plants are set on sunny terraces, windowsills, etc. They are fresh, elegant and unique. Saussurea sinensis is resistant to drought and water, and during the conservation process, more attention should be paid to ventilation, moderate watering, adhere to the principle of seeing and seeing wet, and it should be noted that dormancy should not be used for fertilization.

The beautiful star of Jixing is a succulent plant that we often recommend. It is a kind of fleshy meat that is both good looking and easy to raise. The leaves of the beautiful star of Jixing will be particularly bright in the sunshine. It is very beautiful, and the beauty of Jixing is not only drought-tolerant, but also It is more cold-tolerant. In summer, it may need to be shaded properly. During the dormancy period, it is necessary to pay attention to controlling the amount of water, but on the whole, it is still very good for keeping more meat.

The bead is also a succulent plant that we often recommend. Buddha beads for dry and cool growth environment, avoid stuffy heat and blisters, the other thing to mention is that the rain must prevent the bead to rain, otherwise there will be a rotten stem phenomenon!


As long as the purple rice grains are dropped into pots, they can almost survive. The appearance of purple rice grains is also a succulent plant that Xiao Bian particularly likes. A small, crystal-clear fleshy leaf looks lovely. Playful, and will open a pink flower, feeling Meng Meng! Purple rice culture, the main thing to pay attention to is watering, and watering uphold the principles of dry and then watering, should not be a big problem.

Thin snow is a very special kind of succulent plant. It is very hardy and cold, and it is resistant to dry and moisture. Is it fun? In the summer, it is necessary to pay attention to shading, and other seasons can accept light. It is very important to pay attention to ventilation during the breeding process.

Rainbow Jade is a star in the fleshy world. The lovely appearance is loved by many people. Or red or green fleshy leaves, it seems to sprout, rainbow jade is not afraid of exposure, timely hot summer does not need to shade, but also can be hardy, really is very good and fleshy, the most interesting is that The color of the blades of the rainbow jade will change with the degree of sunlight exposure, and the more abundant the sunlight, the more rosy the color will be.

The above 9 kinds of succulent plants can attract children's attention from the appearance, and they are relatively good and supportive. They are especially suitable for the children to practice their hands, and they can quickly choose a child for your family.