Novice Gardening Guide

- Apr 05, 2018-

Novice Gardening Guide

    Are you busy with work and looking after your family? Do you also want to experience the joy of planting and relieve fatigue? However, there is no rich planting experience, nor a large amount of free time. How to plan a green space at home? Have you ever imagined that in addition to the balcony, each corner of the room has a green space?

 1. Improve indoor environment and purify indoor pollution.

 2. Green vision helps regulate eye fatigue and relax the mind.

Watching these plants slowly emerge green shoots, witnessing the growth of life, is also creating surprises and fun, teach you to easily plant healthy ingredients easy to watch!

- Preliminary preparation -

Planting Tools: Garden Tools, Gardening Gloves, Nutritious Soil, Flower Pots, Seeds, Greenhouse Cover

- Planting steps -

1. Pull out the nutritious soil into a small pot.

2. The nutrient soil can be filled up to eight minutes.

3. Take some seeds and bury them in the soil.

4.Water to soil slightly wet.

5.In order to avoid forgetting what kind of seed is sown, you can write down the label on the flowerpot.

6.Put into the flower room to prevent freezing.

Tips: In order to ensure cleanliness at home, the plants placed here are best grown with sterile culture soil.