Original Of Chrismas

- Dec 24, 2019-

Original of Chrismas

Christmas is a Spring Festival for foreigners. For them, this is a happy day to resign and welcome the new. So how much do you know about the origin of Christmas, let's talk with you about when Christmas originated.


Christmas on December 25 is the day of celebration of the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ, and it is the largest and most popular holiday in the United States.

According to the Holy Bible of the Christians, God decided that his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, should be born into the world, find a mother, and live on earth so that people can better understand God, learn to love God, and better love each other . "Christmas" means "Celebrating Christ", celebrating the moment when a young Jewish woman, Maria, gave birth to Jesus.

Maria is engaged to the carpenter Joseph. However, before they lived together, Joseph discovered that Maria was pregnant. Because Joseph was a decent person, and he didn't want to talk about it to make her lose face, he wanted to quietly break up with her. While he was thinking about it, the angel of God appeared in his dream and said to him, "Don't mutter, marry Maria home. The child she carries is from the Holy Spirit. She will give birth to a boy, and you give The child's name is Jesus, because he will save people from sin. "


Although the exact birthday of Jesus is not clear, about 2000 years ago, the calendar divides time into pre-BC (prior to the birth of Jesus Christ) and post-AD (AD is Latin abbreviation, meaning "with us Lord-The Age of Jesus "). During the first three hundred years after AD, Jesus' birthday was celebrated on different days. Finally, in 354 AD, church leaders made December 25th the birthday of Jesus Christ.


On Christmas Eve, parents will quietly prepare gifts for the children and put them in stockings. The culmination of Christmas Eve is an event at Christ Church. Mass on Christmas Eve is usually divided into two times, once held at 9 to 10 pm to the congregation; the other is the Mass at midnight, which is the climax of Christmas Eve. The Midnight Mass has ended at midnight, when Christmas is approaching, often accompanied by church bells, ringing forgiveness, blessing and joy and happiness to the world.

Christmas is an important holiday for Christians to commemorate the birth of Jesus. According to the Bible, Jesus was born in a small town in Judea-Bethlehem. The book records that the Virgin Mary was conceived by the Holy Spirit. When she returned to her hometown with her husband, Joseph, all the hotels were full. Therefore, Mary was forced to give birth to Jesus in the manger. It is said that when Jesus slept peacefully in the manger, in the far east, three doctors followed a bright star in the sky to find Jesus and worshiped him. The shepherd also heard the voice of angels in heaven in the wilderness, telling them the good news of Jesus' birth.

Today, Christmas has gradually faded away from its original strong religious nature, becoming more than just a religious holiday, slowly becoming a family reunion, a meal together, and a traditional Western folk festival for children.