Sowing Stability, Sowing The Same, Even From The Particle Size

- Sep 11, 2017-

Rectangular planter has become the mainstream market

     Rectangular planter With the market to promote and develop the type of rectangular planter has become quite a lot, rectangular planter not only replaced the original old farming is the most important thing is that it has a uniform distribution effect. Do not worry about the uneven cultivation of their own crops so that the effect of poor farming crops affect the harvest.

     The rectangular seeder makes the sprinkled seeds evenly distributed on the planting plots. Commonly used models are centrifugal spreaders, which are made up of seed boxes and sowing wheels. The seeds are transported from the seed box to the sowing wheel and sowed under the action of centrifugal force. Broadcasts up to 8 to 12 meters. Can also be sowing powder or granular fertilizer and lime and other materials, sowing device can also be installed on agricultural aircraft to use.


1. Agricultural technical requirements: timely sowing, according to the requirements of the sowing, sowing depth, strain, spacing and other indicators, sowing stability, sowing the same, uniform particle size.

2. Performance requirements of the rectangular planter: seeding in line with the provisions of the seed distribution is uniform, seed sowing in the wet soil layer and covered with wet soil, sowing the same, the seed damage rate is low; on the sowing machine also requires line spacing, The same number of seeds on the on-demand machine also requires the number of seeds per hole is equal, the seeds of the hole is not too dispersed; for a single precision rectangular planter, requires each seed and its seed near the same spacing.

The correct method of keeping the rectangular seeder can be used for a long time

     After the use of rectangular planter to pay attention to conservation work should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse or shed, to avoid open storage. Should be stored in the rack support should not be directly and ground contact to avoid the impact of the next use of moisture. Doing the daily maintenance work of the rectangular planter can increase its service life.

     Rectangular planter in the long-term storage in the next season before the start of sowing, should be carried out early maintenance of the machine in a state of good technology. Clean the soil working parts and clean them with butter or waste oil to avoid rust.

  Rectangular seeder single-chip speed and integration are very high and meet the conditions of use of the device, and the price is very good, so based on the rectangular seeder C51 microcontroller development monitoring program, in the rectangular seeder inoculation funnel root corresponding to the two sides were installed An infrared emission tube and an infrared receiving tube, a signal transmitting device is mounted on the internal fixing portion, and a signal receiving device is mounted on the push rod.

     When the seed of the rectangular planter is dropped by the duckbill, the infrared rays emitted by the infrared emission tube are temporarily blocked, and the infrared reception tube sends out the pulse signal due to the short reception of the infrared ray, and receives the signal through the receiver mounted on the push rod To the buzzer sound, suggesting that the seeds fall, you can also install two pairs of launch - receiver device in the rectangular planter to improve the monitoring accuracy.