Space Art Of Home, Makes Home More Attractive!

- Dec 16, 2019-

Space Art of Home, Makes Home More Attractive!

Many interior designers will be called "space magicians" to the extreme, creating infinite charm in a limited space and turning impossible into possible. Especially in the current high housing prices and small units are sought after, how to transform the space in terms of aesthetics and practicality to make the space more refined is a question that needs to be explored.



Creating a sense of hierarchy is very useful for enriching the space, and it can create the diversity of the space. So how to shape the sense of hierarchy? It can be done from the aspects of color, lighting, and furniture placement, and each method has a significant effect on the space. From the aspect of color, the layering of space is increased by processing the lightness, darkness, and shade of color in different areas.

Another common way is to enhance the sense of hierarchy through partitions. The unique partition design can reduce the monotony of the home and appear hierarchical. This way to increase the sense of hierarchy is generally connected with two functional areas, such as between the dining room and the living room. Bookshelves and low cabinets are all good ways.



Each space is composed of points, lines, and surfaces. The change and structure of the lines will also affect the texture of the overall space. Common straight lines, one horizontal and one vertical, constitute a stable space. The clean lines of the lines show the calm self-sustainment of modern life, much like the realization of rules and rationality.

In addition to straight lines, curved shapes may appear in a few cases. At this time, the home is a little more playful. For example, in the Mediterranean style, arched doors are often used to form curved lines. In contrast to the same straight lines, it is even more amazing.


The blank mood is probably "can only be understood but not spoken." It was originally a method in painting and calligraphy creation to enrich everyone's imagination. And now the art of leaving blanks is very cleverly applied to the home, which is also a general trend. Compared with cramming the house, leaving space appropriately, it is more atmospheric and bright. For example, a small apartment should be left blank appropriately to reduce visual pressure.

Leaving it blank is a state of eliminating complexity and simplicity. Now that the simple style is prevailing, its form is more accepted by young people. The origin and artistic conception of white space also makes it very compatible with Chinese style and the new Chinese style, with endless charm.