Stable Spacing, Good Soil Cover, Save Seeds, High Efficiency

- Sep 11, 2017-

The seeder refers to the seed plant for the seeding of the planting machinery (while taking into account the soybean and other crops), usually called the seeding plant is often known as crop species name, such as corn planter, grain sowing machine, corn seeding machine, cotton planter , Forage spreaders and so on.

The planter has the characteristics of planting evenly, the same depth, the line spacing is stable, the casing is good, the seed is saved, and the working efficiency is high. Proper use of the planter should be aware of the following 10 points:

1, into the field before the operation of the maintenance to clean up the sowing inside the debris and the opener on the grass, soil, to ensure good condition, and tractors and planters of the transmission, rotation, according to the requirements of the instructions Lubricants, especially before each operation should pay attention to the transmission chain lubrication and tension and the bolt on the planter fastening situation.

2, the rack can not tilt the sowing machine and tractor hook, not tilted, the work should be before and after the rack was horizontal state.

3, do a variety of adjustments in accordance with the provisions of the instructions and agronomic requirements, the sowing amount, the opener line spacing, ditch cover casing crack the appropriate adjustment of the depth of the wheel.

4, pay attention to add seeds to join the seed box seed, to achieve no small, blight, miscellaneous, to ensure the effectiveness of the seed; followed by the addition of seed box at least to be able to cover the entrance to the box to ensure that the seed Smooth.

5, the pilot to ensure the quality of sowing, in a large area before planting, we must adhere to the pilot 20 meters, observe the work of the sowing machine. Please agricultural staff, local farmers and other testing consultation, confirmed in line with local agronomic requirements, and then a large area of planting.

6, pay attention to uniform straight line of agricultural workers choose to walk the route, should ensure that the addition and mechanical access to facilitate the planting should pay attention to uniform straight line forward, can not be quickly or slowly or stop, so as not to replay, sowing; The sowing of the sowing machine is to be carried out during travel, and the sowing machine should be lifted when retrogressed or turned.

7, the first sowing the first land across the land, so as not to curl the ground, resulting in shallow sowing shallow.

8, often observed during sowing often observed seed device, opener, cover and transmission of the work of the situation, such as the occurrence of clogging, clay, knit grass, seed cover lax, promptly be excluded. Adjust, repair, lubricate or clean up the knitting and other work, must be carried out after parking.

9, to protect the machine sowing machine work, is strictly prohibited back or sharp turn, sowing machine or landing should be slow to avoid damage to the parts.

10, pay attention to the seed box when the seed box seeds should not be less than the seed box volume of 1/5; transport or transfer of land, the seed box shall not be loaded with seeds, but can not install other heavy objects.