Succulents Plants With Big Or Small Plant Pots?

- Dec 06, 2017-

It can often be hard to tell what size of pot you need for your succulents and arrangements. As a general rule, I recommend leaving about a half-inch of space between your succulents and the edge of the pot, so they’ll have a little room to spread and grow.Too much space can actually prevent a succulent from growing much larger, because the roots spread out before the succulent has time to catch up. If you buy a two-inch succulent, a 2.5 inch pot is generally a good choice if you’re planting it by itself.

If you're combining a lot of succulents in your arrangement, you’ll want to leave a little space around each of them, so they’ll have some room to spread out. A tightly packed arrangement like the one below will look beautiful as soon as it’s finished, but it’ll generally prevent the succulents from growing for quite a while,  and looks overgrown as the succulents try to stretch or spread. Give them a little “breathing room” to allow for new growth.

While there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a pot, it’s still a really fun part of growing succulents.

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