The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Material Pots And Suitable Plant Species

- Mar 24, 2018-

The advantages and disadvantages 

of different material pots and suitable plant species

    As an ordinary flowering enthusiast, resin pots, pots, porcelain pots are not very different, and they are all easy to use. However, as a professional flower grower, it will still choose the most suitable container.

1.Resin flower pots: low price, light weight, not broken easily. But impermeable, airtight.

2.Porcelain basin: beautiful decoration, high-end atmosphere on the grade. However, it is not water-permeable and airtight. It's heavy enough to break easily.

3.Pots: permeable, breathable and suitable for plant growth, but generally simple in shape, easily broken.

      The resin flower pots are made of degradable plant fiber materials. The environmental protection flower pots are all of the same material. They have both the advantages of light weight in wooden flower pots, and the advantages of bright colors and many styles in plastic flower pots. The flower pots have good air permeability, easy flowers and grass growth, and porcelain pots have the advantages of gorgeous appearance and noble appearance. Environmentally-friendly flower pots can be naturally degraded when buried in soil and will not pollute the environment, benefiting future generations. In addition, the environmental protection flowerpot has a large amount of water, and it has the beautiful wish of “occasionally watering and easily growing flowers”, and is particularly suitable for the cultivation of orchids and other plants.


     Porcelain basin. This type of flowerpot is very poor in breathability and water permeability, but due to its delicate construction, it is painted with various color glazes, and some are painted with beautiful pictures or pleasing patterns, some are painted with sparkling gold rims, and they are beautifully embellished. The role of the environment, it is often used as a set of pots (porcelain pots placed in smaller mud pots). If it is used to cultivate flowers, you can only choose some plants that are resistant to water and moisture, such as dwarf ornamental bamboo, Araceae plants, ferns, bamboo grass, hanging bamboo plum and so on. Or with a breathable soil on the line, my lily, Milan, Tiger-tailed orchids are planted in such pots, long good! Look at what plants you like. Most of them can be planted. Big pots don't grow small seedlings.

    Purple clay pots. This kind of basin is produced in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, so it is also called Yixing basin. Now there are many similar products in Hebei, Henan and other provinces. This basin is beautiful and elegant. It is suitable for living rooms and home furnishings. Unfortunately, the performance of air permeability and water seepage is not very good. It is a fly in the ointment.